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How PCMK Power Coaching delivers quick results in every session

Everyone is living in a fast paced society and hence expects results in quick turnaround time. We live in a results-oriented society. Everyone from Owner to employee and everyone in-between, want everything yesterday! PCMK™ (Power Coaching® with Mind Kinetics®) is considered an accelerated personal empowerment process because PCMK advocates the flow of energy from point to point along the fastest healing route.

All Clients Want results in Double Quick time;

1. Firstly, in ten minutes or less, using a sophisticated grounding or whole brain process, PCMK™ Power Coaches help their clients find the Real Issue or Real Goal they wish to work on for a given session.

2. Secondly, PCMK™ coaching results are faster since both executive and life coaching clients learn how to self-coach daily between coaching sessions with their Power Coach.

3. The third reason is that the Science of Mind-Kinetics helps the client explore their issue/goal using pentalateral thinking: left brain, right brain, and conscious, subconscious, and super conscious minds and at the end of every session the client walks away with a committed action plan using whole brain thinking! The results are astonishing!

Thus, the client will have shifted permanently at a cellular level without worrying about using willpower to make things happen. Willpower coaching has become outdated because it rarely results in permanent positive change for the client.

If you are someone who is looking improve your life and find success is eluding you, you must connect with me as soon as possible. We will work together and I will assist you to bring out the best version of you.

Visit my website for more information on how you can bring out the best in you.

Your Power (PCMK) Coach

Prashant Welling

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