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Definition of Coaching One simple way of defining coaching is that the coach works with a client to assist them to raise awareness, to make decisions, and to modify behaviour or take action. The client sets the agenda of what they want to achieve, and the coach facilitates a process by which the client can achieve their desired outcome. For example, coaches provide training to the client in a number of areas as may be relevant to the client’s need, such as how to set and achieve goals, how to change habits of thinking or behaviour, and time management skills Additionally, the coach often assists the client to explore all parts of their life and not just the environment where their goal is focused on. For example, if a client presents some rough goals around career, it also may be appropriate to explore complementary environments of knowledge, family, social, or financial. Power Coaching with Mind Kinetics It will remove all your unconstructive negative beliefs permanently and puts positive Constructive beliefs in its place. Positive Permanent change happens in the very cell level of the client.. PCMK works on all four levels and removes roadblocks at the spiritual, intellectual, physical and emotional levels of the person. Clients will use the full brain power versus just their willpower, hence results are permanent. Clients use their Left Brain, Right Brain, Conscious mind, Sub Conscious mind and super conscious mind for pentalateral thinking on a daily regular basis. this allows them to stream in innovative solutions to logical problems. Invest in yourself today.

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