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Your Values reflect your Personality

To be our best versions, we don’t need to gain much, but we just need to ensure we don’t lose what we already have – our qualities. Usually, our behavior becomes a reflection of the way someone behaves with us. If they are good, we are good. Otherwise, we become negative towards them. But by copying their actions, our own qualities should not fade away. Do you often get discouraged by the declining moral standards in the world? When you use your virtues in your interactions with someone, and that person hardly responds positively, do you feel like copying his behavior? Have you given up any value only because people around you don’t practice it? We all strive to be as nice and as kind as we can. The problem is that we expect the other person to be equally good (or even better) to us. And the bigger problem is that if that person is not right to us, we copy their behavior. Each time we copy someone’s incorrect behavior, we move away from our virtues. Eventually, we give up our qualities. Our values, qualities, principles, and ethics are our strengths. Let us hold on to them. Even if no one around us is using them, and even if others think values don’t work, let us not give up on them. Other people might have an entirely different set of qualities that you may be lacking. Just make sure to use your values, every single time, with everyone. Remind yourself - I use my virtues every time with everyone, independent of situations and people around me. My values reflect my powerful personality.

At every step in your life, start ensuring that if something is your quality, it flows from you to everyone, in every situation. You do not expect others to have it, and you do not give up just because they don’t have it. Remind yourself - My qualities are my assets. I radiate them at all times. My values flow, independent of people and situations.

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