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Achieve Sales Excellence

The Best Positive Thinking Approach to Sales Excellence The Four Keys to Sales: Key #1: Attitude. A "need to" or "desire to" attitude is not enough. Great salespeople have a "want to, can do, will do" attitude. They just love to do it! Key #2: Knowledge. Great salespeople know their products and services inside out. They also know "how to" engage a client's attention. Key #3: Practice. Great salespeople fall off their bikes and get back on them. They practice until they perfect their sales technique. Key #4:Belief. Great salespeople believe in their conscious and unconscious minds that they can sell. They just own it. And, they use Mind-Kinetics® daily to remove any negative thought and action patterns until "selling" becomes as natural as brushing their teeth! Six Biggest Mistakes made by Sales People:

  1. Lack of belief in self.

  2. Don't know how to sell.

  3. Not prepared well enough.

  4. Unable to do a "One Minute Miracle". (I don't have a "grabber" or I don't understand our "Unique Selling Proposition".

  5. Talking to the wrong people.

  6. Not having our client's best interests in mind.

Get coached into transforming yourself into a successful salesperson. Change your unconstructive/ negative beliefs about yourself/ profession into powerful positive and constructive beliefs and behaviors permanently with our power coaching using the science of Mind Kinetics in just 12 to 15 sessions.

Write to me at or visit our website to book sessions for yourself. Share this information with someone who is looking for assistance in moving ahead in his/ her sales career too.

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