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How Organizations can help their Leaders become Future-Ready!

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

To meet the growing demands of—and from—leaders, corporations need to rethink how they develop and manage their executives.

The concept of corporate leadership is fundamentally different—and more complex—than it was two years ago. It’s not news that corporate leaders face growing expectations. Stakeholders evaluate leaders against a triple bottom line:

· people (employees, customers, suppliers, and communities),

· planet (sustainability and net-zero emissions), and

· profit

And those expectations are coinciding, and sometimes colliding, with what leaders themselves now want for their lives and from their organizations as they reassess their own purpose. All this requires companies to redefine what it means to be an effective leader—and how to find and develop those people within the organization.


We have identified four capabilities that are particularly critical for leaders to meet the expectations of stakeholders inside and outside the organization and deliver on its purpose:

  • Leading through influence. Leaders who exhibit this capability collaborate well and are able to rely on influence rather than authority to get things done. This helps them work well both with more senior executives and with their teams, as well as within the wider ecosystem in which their companies operate.

  • Driving execution. Leaders with this capability deliver results efficiently and effectively. Leaders who are good at execution are able to make tough decisions that benefit the whole system as well as progress on pressing topics and in the face of complex and novel challenges.

  • Creating possibilities from new thinking. Leaders who demonstrate this capability are personally curious and identify novel angles and hidden possibilities. This helps them solve problems and spot opportunities for innovation and positive impact more widely than just within their organization. The most curious and creative leaders bring others into their thinking as well, gathering together complementary people and ideas to problem solve.

  • Having an ownership mindset. Leaders with this capability take personal responsibility not only for results but also for the environment around them and its success or failure. This mindset is central to resilience, one of the key elements of agility. These leaders understand that they have the ability to make a difference, rather than feeling at the whim of a bureaucracy.

Taken together, these four capabilities allow leaders to build strong, trusting, inclusive relationships across their firms, which helps everyone’s new ideas get heard and supports resilience in their teams. We call these leaders future-ready because they are ready for anything.

Are your Leaders Future-Ready? Contact me! I can assist you in transforming your Leaders into being Future-Ready!

Write to me at and we can set up a meeting to discuss the details.

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