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PCMK – Power Coaching with Mind Kinetics is based on Quantum Physics

Quantum Physics is the study of vibrational energy of all elements and how they interact with each other” Betska K-Burr

Electro-Magnetic Field or EMF

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It is the energy field around the body in which is stored all knowledge and wisdom of the universe including of self. EMF = superconscious mind.

When receptors are constricted we have distorted thinking or irrational thought because the emotions are blocking the nourishment from reaching our cells.

Receptors are all over the body. Because PCMK™ is scientifically engineered to “pop” receptors using The Law of Love/Transformation, the negative emotional energy is released from the receptors and the chakra in which the receptors reside allows answers to come through from the EMF. This happens because the chakra is also no longer blocked on that issue. We then “stream” in solutions in the form of symbols, objects, colours, feelings, sounds.

All events are recorded by the mind and stored in the EMF.

Examples of the EMF at Work!

Chakras or energy funnels have high concentrations of receptors. According to Dr. Candace Pert the largest concentration is in the brain.

  1. The Law of Attraction: “We attract people, places and things into our lives to help us grow emotionally, intellectually, spiritually and physically.”

  2. Each chakra (which means spinning wheel) brings in information from the EMF relevant to its responsibility. For example, the Throat Chakra brings in information on Communication.

  3. When receptors are constricted the chakra is unable to let the information in.

  4. Too many receptors blocked in that chakra will make the person weak in that chakra’s responsibility ie weak in self-confidence or love.

  5. Our memories are stored in the receptors of the chakra which matches the vibration of the emotion of the memory. PCMK™ uses the colour of the chakra to access the memories.

  6. The more receptors we pop the more enlightened we become because the energy flows naturally through the chakras.

  7. PCMK™ is the leading coaching methodology for mind, body and spirit because it has the ability to:

  8. find root cause patterns stuck in the chakras

  9. “pop” receptors

  10. bring permanent positive behavioural change to the Client.

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