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Positive Thinking And Visualization

We constantly hear about thinking positive, cultivating a positive mindset, being positive, and so on. Let’s understand its meaning. Positive thinking means right thinking at every moment. We expect the best, and visualize the best to happen, but we also accept the outcome, whatever it may be. We accept that the outcome is accurate at this moment, according to our karmic accounts. This acceptance is a critical part of positive thinking.

Hi, this is Prashant Welling. Your personal transformational power coach. Let's look at how you can achieve positive thinking and visualization!

Sit comfortably with your back straight, Spine in an erect position, and see how you tune your mind for positive thinking -


I am a powerful being. I am contented with every scene of my life. Everything is happening exactly as it is meant to be…. the right way and at the perfect time. I create only positive thoughts in every scene ... my thoughts reflect my peace, purity, and power… I visualize only the best happening in the next scene…at home…at the office…with friends…in every scene… I radiate my highest vibration to the scene with my right thoughts…. my vibrations elevate the next scene. Scenes today may not be my way. If people are not right, I record only one positive thought – It’s their nature, and their behavior is accurate as per my karmic account with them. I respond with compassion and not rejection or hurt. Today situations may not be my way. I create only one positive thought – I understand this situation is as it was meant to be at the moment, accurate according to my past karmic accounts. My mind remains calm…no questions…no judgments…. I accept every scene. People can be their way ... situation can be the way it is meant to be ... I will be my way ... the right way ... and influence a positive outcome. My positive thoughts keep me happy and healthy.

Repeat this affirmation daily. Your positive thinking will shift from expectations to acceptance. You will also not record negative impressions about the scenes. Your mind learns a new, positive language and creates only the right thoughts.

Connect with me today. Write to me at prashant@breakthroughlifecoaching.netif you have any questions. We will work together to shift your thinking to Positive Thinking. Achieve success, contentment, and satisfaction in everything you do. Enjoy better relationships. Enjoy life to the fullest. Remember, you have the choice! Look forward to your mail.

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