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Stream Innovative Solutions like a Genius

This CLI Clarity Solutions Model applies to each challenge a Client cannot overcome on their own or a goal they wish to achieve but cannot! When a Client first begins their coaching session, they are in their “Lower Power”. The receptors on the cell membranes in the body are restricting the food and energy (solutions to challenges and goals) from entering the cell because of some previous emotional event which makes the Client repeat certain patterns. The Power Coach® selects the coaching methodology with the best and highest frequency to ensure that the Client finds the Root Cause to the pattern and truly understands why they have been repeating this pattern. With this process, the Client moves to Neutral Think and then up to their “Higher Power” where they stream in solutions from their Electromagnetic Field. The result is permanent, positive change.

Because of the scientific engineering of PCMK™, every time we do a Coaching session, we are turning the negative beliefs (represented by a ➖ ve symbol) into positive ones (represented by a ➕ ve symbol). This happens when we are coaching with a CLI Power Coach®. You will experience that every negative belief system will be cleaned up. Imagine now that you have fewer and fewer negative beliefs in your brain/body. How will you feel? Indeed, you will feel happier and more peaceful inside and very powerful because you will know how to access your genius for solutions. You will feel much safer in your world. The negative self-talk has taken a back seat to the positive.

As Coaches, we encourage our Clients to work towards mind, body, spirit mastery. All the while, we are creating a more peaceful world. From inner peace comes outer peace.

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