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The Essence of Success and Happiness

We all want to achieve success and happiness... but why is it so elusive for so many of us? It’s kind of this mythical, hard to get­your­hands­around thing that we think that we know what it is but when we get the things that we thought would bring us such satisfaction to ensure our happiness and fulfilment, we’re often disappointed.

So what is success? Is it making a certain amount of money? Is it achieving a position or fame or fortune? Is it having the big house on the hill? Is it surrounding ourselves with luxury and the cars and all the things that we think that we want? Or is it the sort of thing that when we are striving for success, it’s like climbing a ladder that reaches off into the clouds and as we climb up those steps of the ladder, the ladder seems to extend on forever and we never get to our destination. We struggle. We suffer. We think once we get to the end of that ladder then we’ll be successful, then we’ll be happy. But what happens is that when we get there and we find out it’s not quite what we thought it was going to be. There might be something else still yet to strive for. So we think, perhaps we can reach for that next shiny object, title, or goal...and that will be the answer we’ve searched for so diligently! So we climb further into those clouds. We strive for that “other” thing. We think that once we achieve that then we’ll be happy, then we’ll be successful. But what happens is that when we get there we are somehow disappointed again.

So I’m going to offer you a different definition of success. For me, success is being on the path that honors our most important core values that empower us, that inspire us, in route to achieving our life purpose, including all the things that are matter the most to us in life. And all the time while doing that, we’re having fun, we’re pursuing our passions, we’re inspiring others, we’re contributing our gifts to the world. And the operative term in this definition is ‘enjoying the process’ because how often do we not enjoy the process? How often do we live life suffering and struggling? You know, suffering is about having something we don’t want or wanting something we don’t have and it’s always optional.

We can always decide to give up our need to suffer and look for the good things in our lives instead. Suffering always involves lack of responsibility for making our lives work more optimally. Hence, Start looking at what you have achieved so far and enjoy that achievement. Secondly, as you continue to achieve more in your life, start enjoying the process. That's your key to happiness. Be Successful! Be Happy always!

Write to me what you think is the essence of success and happiness according to you?

Best Regards,

Prashant Welling Your transformational Executive Power Coach

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