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I am a Licensed Life Coach who uses Power Coaching for individuals with Mind Kinetics. I have been licensed by Coaching and Leadership International Inc., Canada as a Power Coach. CLI are Global Leaders in Coach Training for Mind, Body, Spirit Mastery in Business & in Life.


What is Power Coaching?


What Is Power Coaching With Mind Kinetics (PCMK®)?

Mind-Kinetics Tools
Power Coaching®
Performance Acceleration

PCMK or Power Coaching with Mind Kinetics® is the process of putting your mind into motion, to give you the ability to use both sides of your brain in effective problem-solving.
Power Coaching with Mind Kinetics® is unique. It assists people like you to dramatically improve their performance at home, school or work. The methodologies never fail to help individuals achieve positive results. These tools and processes help you to quickly determine the root causes of an inability to be productive and balanced in your life and, more importantly, create a physiological shift in the brain.

How will you benefit from a Power Coach®?

Why will your results from Power Coaching® (PCMK™) be so great?

  • You will find innovative solutions to your challenges. Eliminate your frustrations.

  • A Power Coach® is your own personal cheerleader! You will find yourself taking action and achieving both business and personal goals.

  • A Power Coach® can also act as a mentor and share their knowledge and wisdom.

  • You will lead a more peaceful and balanced life.

  • Surprising success comes when you solve a challenge or achieve a goal through increased positive thought and accelerated learning techniques.

  • You learn how to master the use of both the logical and creative sides of your brain to solve even the most difficult challenges.

  • Your Power Coach is trained to help you achieve whole-life goals (work & home).

  • You learn and use self-coaching tools to inspire even greater personal success!


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Mind-Kinetic Tools


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Performance Acceleration

Coaching helps you to take responsibility for your life, let go of what others think and become your true self. It's about you creating the life that you want and deserve. 
- Emma Louise Elsey

An experienced trainer with over 13 years in training and 37 Years (14 Yrs. in India & 23 Yrs. in the Gulf) of Corporate life in Sales and Marketing in India, UAE and Oman. His corporate experience includes Popular Multinational Products like, Honda, Nissan, MG Passenger Vehicles, ZNA Commercial Vehicles, Ray Ban Sunglasses, RENU Multipurpose Solutions, B&L Contact Lenses, Puma Sports Shoes, UDI Yellow Pages. Moderna Moulded Furniture, Mattel Toys (Barbie Dolls, He Man & Masters of the Universe, etc.), Alno German Kitchens.

Mr. Prashant Welling is the founder of Training and Consultancy organisation HEAD Consulting, which specializes in Personal and Corporate Training, Consultancy, Coaching and Mentoring with complete Handholding through the entire process. He has trained a lot of trainees from various backgrounds, cultures and countries. His specialty in Training ranges from Selling Skills training, Verbal and Non- Verbal Communication, Body Language, Image Management, Telephone Etiquette, Consultancy, Coaching and Mentoring.


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