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Power Coaches use Mind-Kinetics to assist their Clients in "dramatically improving their performance at home and at work". Our Clients tell us that we are "The Masters" of changing unconstructive thoughts and actions into positive ones. Mastery begins with knowing that habits & behaviors will only change with a physiological shift in the brain.​


is an ongoing partnership that helps clients produce fulfilling results in their personal and professional lives through effective questioning and listening skills.


is CLI's science which opens the mind and empowers the Client to receive new ideas and take action for permanent positive change.


is about sharing knowledge and wisdom with others.

Performance Acceleration

is what you get when you combine Coaching + Mind-Kinetics Tools + Mentoring.

All of this is PCMK™


  1. The questions and processes are designed to move between left brain and right brain in order to stimulate the opening of the receptors. Once opened, the glucose and oxygen can more easily feed the thinking cells. Potential energy is now turned into kinetic energy as the now nourished thinking cells 'stream in' innovative solutions from the right brain.

  2. The questions and processes encourage active thought moving from left brain to right brain and back again as well as from conscious mind to unconscious mind and back again. This movement encourages bilateral thinking - switching more easily between right and left. The Client, then, can access solutions to problems and challenges much faster having the ability to use both logic and heart based skills.

  3. The visualizations, tools and processes, anchor in the unconscious, positive new beliefs in place of the unconstructive ones.

  4. The Science of Mind-Kinetics also uses colour to stimulate the opening of receptors. The colours on the Brain Walk® maps for example are carefully chosen and put in the right order to "pop receptors". Indeed, the colours are also associated with energy channels in our body. The skillful use of these colours can source the exact ages (root cause) when unconstructive patterns began in our lives - the organic computer or human brain is a beautiful complex instrument far more powerful than any mechanical computer.

  5. Daily use of Mind-Kinetics tools stimulates our genius. As we open our closed receptors, they never close again. Indeed, the more we use the tools, the more we empty our mind of 'trash' - turning unconstructive thoughts, words and actions into positive ones. Soon we realize that we are thinking faster, more clearly and taking action. When we think, we take action. We don't waste our energy on unconstructive thoughts.

  6. The Science of Mind-Kinetics uses Universal Laws as a foundation. We begin to understand why we do the things we do. We stop blaming self and others.

  7. Embodied within Mind-Kinetics are spirit-ual values like honesty, integrity, respect, faith, acceptance, etc. Discussion of these human values accesses the right side of the brain for deeper understanding of behaviours and habits of self and others.


  • Break through major roadblocks in order to achieve personal and team goals.

  • Walk away feeling far more confident in your job.

  • Strengthen your relationships with colleagues.

  • Learn how to heal awkward relationships. Become re-energized in your workplace!

  • Enjoy your work more!

  • Feel more peaceful with greater life balance.


  1. WHAT YOU THINK YOU BECOME Believe in yourself. Know that you have all the skills within you to achieve your dreams ... find the key to unlock those skills.

  2. DECIDE WHAT YOU WANT OUT OF LIFE Write out your personal goals every year. Decide on an action plan to achieve them.

  3. HAVE COURAGE Don’t let your fears hold you back. Discover your fears and get rid of them!

  4. HAVE INTEGRITY Be true to yourself – listen to your intuition. Don’t be afraid to admit you’re wrong.

  5. BE POSITIVE When that nigly little negative voice inside of you creeps in, tell it to take a hike!  

  6. LEARN HOW TO COMMUNICATE Learn writing skills, public speaking and selling skills. Learn communication techniques which show other people you are on their side vs. working for self-power.

  7. ACQUIRE A SENSE OF URGENCY Develop a reputation for speed, quality work, setting priorities and follow through.

  8. MAKE CUSTOMER SERVICE A PASSION Your boss, your peers, your distributors and suppliers, prospects and the end-user are all your customers. Find out what they really need at a heart level.

  9. BE WILLING TO WORK SMART Go outside the job description – go the extra mile. Accept 100% responsibility for your work. Do jobs no one else wants.

  10. CONTINUALLY UPGRADE YOUR SKILLS Now that you know your goals, take courses, read, listen to tapes, volunteer to head task forces, etc. which support the achievement of your goals.

  11. HAVE FAITH Have faith that others, physical beings and spiritual beings, are on your side and want you to be successful.

  12. BECOME AN EXPERT Information is power. Become an expert in something and make sure others know it (without going into ego).

  13. MANAGE YOUR LIFE Find a balance within the 7 Areas of your life. Create a vision of what you want to become.

  14. DEVELOP YOUR INNOVATIVE BRAIN Use products like The Brain Walk® and Simple Mind-Kinetics® to train your brain to switch easily between the left and right hemispheres. Learn how to visualize and meditate.

  15. BE A TEAM BUILDER See every human being around you as faultless. See them as Learning People learning how to love and be loved.

  16. DRESS FOR SUCCESS Dress for the job. Make a statement of class and dignity. Our outer beauty reflects our inner beauty.

  17. CONTROL YOUR FUTURE Ask for opportunities to grow.

  18. HELP OTHERS GROW Become a coach to the people around you. Help them see beauty in everything. Help them see that our primary role here on earth is to learn how to love ourselves and others more.

  19. BECOME A SERIOUS STUDENT OF UNIVERSAL LAWS For example: Understand The Universal Law of Karma. What we do comes back to us – good or bad.

  20. TRUST Trust yourself. Trust that every thing that happens, happens for a reason.


You desire a much higher level of self-confidence in order to achieve your dreams and goals.

You wish to know how to peacefully resolve relationship issues at work.

You need tools to assist in easily developing new ideas.

You could benefit from tools which greatly improve the communication between Managers and staff and/or teams.

Positive Change: 
You are looking for methods to remove fears, develop greater trust among team members and inspire greater faith in self and others.

Focus & energy: 
You need ways to nurture your spirit in order to stay enthusiastic, focussed and energized (and assist your colleagues in doing the same).

Lastly, living a better balanced life would be such a gift to give yourself.

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