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Happier You For A Healthier You

We believe that being healthy keeps us happy. Medical science has evidence that being happy keeps us healthy. Each thought has an effect on the cells of our body. Wrong thinking manifests into an illness in the body. To heal the body, we need to heal our emotional blockages. Let us not hold on to any pains of the past. Our body’s immune system activity fluctuates based on how we feel. Emotions like joy, contentment, bliss, or enthusiasm send positive signals to the body. This boosts its stamina. Radiating negative emotions like irritation, fear, criticism, or anxiety to the body makes it sensitive and prone to sickness. Developing a positive outlook may not prevent illness but it eases pain. When happy we cope better with aches and pains. When sad, healing gets delayed. Happiness promotes a healthy lifestyle. We choose to remain active, follow a healthy diet, relax well and enjoy good social health. If we are unhappy, we disregard these aspects.

The Mind has a continuous influence over Matter. Wrong thoughts can create disease and right thoughts can help in healing. I am not well … I have high blood pressure … I have a family history of diabetes these thoughts radiate an energy of disease. Repeated thoughts of an existing disease radiate the same energy to the body and intensify the disease. Use the power of your thoughts and words to heal your body. Create only thoughts of normalcy and perfect health to allow your body to come back to its normal state. Pause today during the day to heal your body with your right thoughts and powerful words - My body is perfect and healthy.

You can permanently change and replace all your unconstructive, negative thoughts with constructive, positive thoughts permanently with the help of Power Coaching with the Science of Mind Kinetics (PCMK). Schedule a meeting with me and I. will explain how this powerful form of coaching will change you into a successful, contented and healthy person.

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